Thursday, 21 February 2008

Circle domains

I believe I've just seen the stupidest idea on the internet.

This auction is for a collection of 264 domain names that use letters in a circle on the keyboard. For example, (forming a circle around the letter d). The seller is convinced that these domains are easier to remember than actual words, which in his opinion makes the whole package of domains worth a choking $750,000 USD.

It's so unbelievably stupid that you have to read the guy's pitch and let it sink in for a while to appreciate how fully stupid it is. The level of stupidity required to buy into this bizarre idea is so outrageously stupid you can't imagine that anyone in the world could be so stupid.

Does this guy seriously think he can make a case for this idea? Apparently so and he's getting upset with people who doubt/mock him.

And yet I notice a few comments on places like suggesting that this hilariously inept idea could appeal to some people. In fact I'm reluctant to completely write it off myself, merely because some stupid ideas do hit the spot with stupid people who have money and buy stupid things. Still, it's hard to imagine even Steve Ballmer* parting with 3/4 Million dollars for this tarted up pile of poo.

Seriously, Todays' Tip: Do some objective research before you invest time or money in an unusual idea. Just because it seems logical or cool to you, doesn't mean the same will apply to anyone else. The "circle domain" auction holder seems oblivious to the problems people are having following the "simple" instructions (e.g. where does the circle start? Which direction does it go?). It wouldn't have taken much effort to test his simplicity theory and learn the truth before making a fool of himself.

* Microsoft CEO who wanted to buy Yahoo for $44 Billion.

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