Thursday, 28 February 2008

Horoscope Test

I noticed an ad on the site for a free horoscope. The ad claims 100% accuracy and a free test. I filled out the form and I should receive my personal horoscope within two days - I'll tell you how it turns out in the comments for this post.

At the same site you can also sign up for a free weekly horoscope. Sweet, I've been wanting to do a long-term horoscope test so I've signed up and I'll document the results. To be fair I'll give it plenty of time to see how useful it is, perhaps a year. Let's go.

1 comment:

  1. What an anti-climax. First of all the free "personal" horoscope reading was anything but personal, except for the excessive (and presumably automated) use of the word "Dave". I was told that a very special celestial transit is about to take place. I looked at some astronomy and astrology charts but I couldn't see any special transits coming up, so I asked for more specific information. All I got was automated enticements to part with money.

    As for the free weekly horoscope, well, it's been almost two weeks and I haven't received anything.