Thursday, 7 February 2008

Media College is my pride and joy. Of all the sites I've worked on, none have enjoyed the same level of success or given me the same feel-good sense of satisfaction. There are heaps of things for me to love about this site, including the fact that it brings in a lot more revenue than any of the others :)

Inevitably, with success you get idiots. I love the compliments I get through Media College but I could live without the constant stream of emails from people who refuse to read instructions, listen to advice or behave in a civilized manner. However I won't get sidetracked with them - they aren't worth devoting blogspace to.

Media College is the only site we have with an active forum since we sold The Race Cafe a few years ago. It's not hugely busy but there's a good base of helpful people and I think it's a great forum. I don't participate as much as I'd like to because things are a little hectic in my life (baby & toddler etc). Fortunately the regulars are very good at answering questions in the main forums (video, audio etc) so I tend to work more in the less-busy forums and ones which need my input (web design, MC Media Player etc). Hopefully once things calm down in my personal life I might be able to spend more time in the forum.

As for other parts of the site, there's a lot of new sections waiting for more content (e.g. new Adobe tutorials, Photography, etc). I intend plugging away at these areas over the next couple of years. I don't generally announce new additions or tutorials because they tend to be ongoing minor updates that don't warrant a big fuss. However I'll try to use this blog to let you know what things I'm working on and what new features to expect.

Like all my sites, Media College will never be "finished". The scope for tutorials and other resources is practically unlimited. I intend spending the rest of my working life improving this site. With the help of our regular viewers and feedback from casual visitors I think it will continue to be a big force in the field of online media education.

Massive thanks to all of you who have helped make Media College what it is. I love you all :)

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