Thursday, 7 February 2008

New Blog

Yet again I find myself trying out a new blog system. Maybe it's like the old "geographic solution" - when your life isn't working out you move somewhere new in the hope that a different location will fix everything.

I've decided to give a try, largely because it fits in well with Google Accounts that I use already. I'm going to try and consolidate my blogs from different projects into this one - maybe it will be more manageable like that. I'm setting up different topics (labels) so you can choose which topics or projects to subscribe to. I don't know how user-friendly it will be but let's give it a try.

The "Ponderblog" topic is my own personal stuff, i.e. anything not directly related to one of the projects. I don't know how this will unfold yet. It could be a continuation of my previous blog where I commented on current events, but to be honest I'm not convinced I can be bothered with the flak I get (more about that in a later post). We'll see. I'll certainly post occasional chit-chat about me and the family, and just maybe I'll think about getting back into some meaning-of-life discussions. They are hard work though aren't they?

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