Thursday, 7 February 2008

Paranormal Encyclopedia is a project I started at the beginning of 2007. It's been low on my priority list but I do have high hopes for it (I seem to say that a lot about my projects).

The idea for an encyclopedia-style website evolved from my original paranormal site I was never happy with the original site - I wanted a better domain as well as a more organized layout. It was Ange who came up with the encyclopedia theme idea and I was quite embarrassed that I didn't think of it myself, especially because I was about to spend a lot of money acquiring an inferior domain from a squatter. The encyclopedia is a much better approach than what I was doing before.

Most of the stuff that's currently on this site wasn't written by me - I commissioned a researcher to write about 100 articles. Unfortunately the only researcher I could afford was one of those Asian outfits that can't speak the Queen's English. Consequently the quality of the articles varies from poor to unreadable. I am therefore in the market for a good editor who feels up to the challenge of re-writing this mess into something comprehensible.

BTW, my angle with this website is that of a skeptic. It's a shame that few people understand what a skeptic is. Most people think it means a person who doesn't believe stuff. That's not true - skeptics are happy to believe, they just ask for a good reason to believe first.

Anyway, I'm aware that I need to fix this site up and I hope to do so in 2008. If you want to help by writing new articles or editing existing ones, leave a comment and we'll talk.

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