Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Te Awamutu Events Calendar

I've been working with the good folks at the Te Awamutui-SITE Centre making plans for where the website is heading. The first new development is already in the testing phase - a new community events calendar.

We've decided to use Google Calendar to provide this service, for several reasons:
(1) It's easier than maintaining our own calendar application.
(2) It's very flexible and robust.
(3) It has some nice features such as allowing users to add Te Awamutu Events to their own Google Calendar.

The i-SITE Centre will now be taking over the running of the calendar. I'm again reminded of how lucky we are to have such a motivated and helpful team at the centre and I'm sure I speak for all our visitors when I say a big thanks to them for taking on this task.

You can see the new calendar at

If all goes well, the new calendar will completely replace the old one within a month.

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