Saturday, 9 February 2008

What the hell is this?

You may be wondering what this blog is about and whether or not I'm a nutcase. To learn the truth you'll need to give up 120 seconds of your life, so think fast about whether you want it that bad.

I like to do stuff. Mostly I prefer stuff that doesn't involve too much physical exertion but that's not really the point — I like doing anything that makes me happy and/or makes other people happy. Sometimes it does involve running around until I puff, which is fine in small doses, but usually it involves sitting and working the keyboard until I fall asleep.

I also like making money and that is at least part of the point of this blog.

I have a collection of projects that I work on, mostly involving the internet in some way. Since 1997 I've developed a bunch of websites on various topics that I'm interested in. I try to make money from all of them, although some are run as a public service and won't ever be profitable.

Although my projects exist largely to satiate my hunger for cash, in a strange way I also see them as a representation of my greater "life's work". Just about everything I think about, care for, believe in or enjoy criticising is covered in one of my sites somewhere.

But back to the money, I do like making it. Over the years my projects have slowly gathered enough momentum to feed and clothe my family, so in 2007 I quit my last part-time job and dumped most of my business clients. Even the clients that weren't much work were too demanding for the lifestyle I envisaged. My new life devoted entirely to family and fun projects was unfolding before my gleeful eyes. Since then it's continued like a good plan and I'm loving it.

So anyway, this blog serves several purposes:
  1. It's a good way to provide RSS feeds for people interested in my projects. For example, if you use one of my products you might want to be kept informed of upgrades. It's also a good way for me to organise my projects and remind myself what I need to work on.
  2. It's a case-study for the "Internet Publisher" business model. I make good money doing this and I'm happy to share my methodology. I'm also keen to promote "white hat" strategies and help fight the nasty old black-hats.
  3. It's a vehicle for me to ramble and pontificate, much like every other wannabe in the blogosphere.
  4. It's a family blog for those few people who give a toss about my personal life.
  5. It makes me money. Did I mention that I like money and I want more of it?

So there you have it. That's me and my blog. What's your verdict?

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