Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Yahoo! AMP! ad management system

Today Yahoo ramped up the publicity surrounding its new AMP advertising management platform. The press release is everywhere and the video can be seen at advertising.yahoo.com/amp. From the press release: "AMP! from Yahoo! aims to transform the online advertising industry by dramatically simplifying processes for advertisers, agencies, ad networks and publishers".

First, a word of warning: I found the video stream incredibly slow and frustrating. There's no way to pause and buffer the stream either - when you pause it just stops. Poor effort Yahoo!

Anyway, the product itself looks like it might be attractive to large publishers and advertisers. Small publishers can probably ignore this development for now. To be honest, even most large publishers aren't going to be reviewing their strategy or jumping ship from Google based on what I've seen so far. The product is quite specific, applying only to those who deal with site-targeted advertising.

In other words, if a solution like Google Adsense/Adwords already works for you, AMP probably won't offer anything new. AMP will help you target large numbers of specific websites easily, but if you are happy to let the algorithms do the work for you, you're probably better off sticking with a fully automated system.

I notice that Yahoo is making quite a fuss about this service before it's ready. Could they be feeling the heat from Google's ad management service?

Don't get me wrong here - I'm not writing off Yahoo's option. My advice would be to investigate if you are a large operator who likes full control over ad placement, but if you're with another company, don't go out of your way to switch just yet. Yahoo has been behind the 8-ball for a while now, and with all the current posturing over takeover bids, I'd be reluctant to jump in bed with them right now.

BTW Yahoo, you have enough exclamation marks already. Don't be greedy.

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