Thursday, 15 May 2008

Secret British UFO Documents

More than 1,000 pages of previously secret UFO documents have been released by Britain’s National Archives. The files, in PDF format, include documented UFO sightings and investigations from 1978 to 2002. See them all here.

Cases include:
- A man on a fishing trip claims to have taken a tour of an alien spaceship.
- A man tried to set up a meeting between the government and his extraterrestrial acquaintance (called Algar).
- Air traffic controllers watched a UFO land on their airport's runway, then disappear.
- Three police officers in Woking saw a white light descending on the Horsell area.

Nick Pope, investigator of UFO sightings at the Ministry of Defence, said: "Most of the UFO sightings here are probably misidentifications of aircraft lights and meteors, but some are more difficult to explain, and include UFOs seen by police officers and pilots, and cases where UFOs have been tracked on radar."

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