Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Photos of Spy Satellites

Here's one for the consiracy theorists... photographer Trevor Paglen has taken 189 photos of secret spy satellites which officially don't exist. The photos are on display at at the University of California Berkeley Art Museum (more photos here).

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Paranormal Blog

I've decided the paranormal blog needs to be separated from my personal blog and integrated properly with The RSS feed will stay the same but the blog posts will appear as part of the paranormal site rather than Hopefully this will be less confusing and a bit more professional.

See the new paranormal blog

Thursday, 19 June 2008

MC Media Player Quick Update

Just a quick note about MC Altair.... I'm working on RMTP support and it's looking good so far. I've got RED5 working on my local network and MC Altair is streaming videos well (although there's still some work to do). Unfortunately our new web server won't be ready for a couple of weeks so it would be really helpful if anyone out there has a streaming server (Flash Media Server or RED5) that I could use for testing. All I need is the URL of a couple of video streams that I can play with the player (e.g. rmtp:// Otherwise I'll just have to wait until our new server is online before I can finalise the streaming code.

I've also added a variable for the buffer length which will please some of you.

I'm not yet sure when I'll release version 0.6. I'd prefer to wait until RMTP support is finished but it's possible the next release will just include a few small features and bug fixes, followed by another release with streaming support. In any case v0.6 shouldn't be more than a few weeks away at most.

After that it will be time to look at MC Classic.

Monday, 16 June 2008

MC Media Player Status Report

Okay, I'm finally getting ready to have another go at the media players. I've got most of the next four weeks allocated to this project so hopefully we'll see some action. Now is the time to let me know of any issues or bugs that aren't already included in the project manager.

Here is the plan:
(1) My brother Richard (AKA Scratch) is investigating the RED5 Flash Server. We're hoping to set this up on a new server within the next few weeks. This will give us a decent platform upon which to develop the players' streaming and interactive capabilities.
(2) Fix the main outstanding bugs and issues with MC Altair.
(3) Tackle the outstanding issues in MC Classic.

The thing I most want to get done is prepare MC Altair for open source. I've been frustrated at not being able to do this yet but I am still motivated.

Space Images Update

I've updated some images, including the Shuttle STS-124 mission, Phoenix Lander (I'll add more there in a few weeks when there's a better selection to choose from) and the ISS wallpapers.

In the news:
NASA Tests Lunar Robots and Spacesuits
NASA Awards Contract for Moon Spacesuit
Ulysses spacecraft mission to end
NASA's GLAST mission launches

Photos are available via the links at the bottom of each press release.