Thursday, 19 June 2008

MC Media Player Quick Update

Just a quick note about MC Altair.... I'm working on RMTP support and it's looking good so far. I've got RED5 working on my local network and MC Altair is streaming videos well (although there's still some work to do). Unfortunately our new web server won't be ready for a couple of weeks so it would be really helpful if anyone out there has a streaming server (Flash Media Server or RED5) that I could use for testing. All I need is the URL of a couple of video streams that I can play with the player (e.g. rmtp:// Otherwise I'll just have to wait until our new server is online before I can finalise the streaming code.

I've also added a variable for the buffer length which will please some of you.

I'm not yet sure when I'll release version 0.6. I'd prefer to wait until RMTP support is finished but it's possible the next release will just include a few small features and bug fixes, followed by another release with streaming support. In any case v0.6 shouldn't be more than a few weeks away at most.

After that it will be time to look at MC Classic.


  1. Hi, Dave. I know a FLV file in walker news site. I guess that it might suit you. BTW, I'm planning posting a C# or MFC programming article about playing FLV files. Would you consent if I use your player and the vision2004.flv file directly from your site? If you do, would you please tell me how I should set the 'FlashVars' variable (and any other if it is the case)? The 'Movie' variable is no problem at all. The FLV player in Walker News plays your FLV file perfectly.

    Best regards

  2. Hi aljodav, sorry about the delay. Thanks for the link. I've actually got Red5 up and running now so it's all good.

    It's fine for you to use the player and video file. Do you want the plain HTML code or the JavaScript version? In either case if you can wait a few more days I should have the next version released so it's probably better to use that one.