Wednesday, 20 August 2008

MC Altair v0.8

I've decided to release v0.8 with only one new feature: Better color control. You can now choose a default color scheme and/or colors for individual elements in the player. See the new variables and setup tool for details.

I wanted to get this version out because a few people have been asking for better colors. Now I'm planning to take a bit of time to consolidate and fix some outstanding bugs in the setup tool.

I've got a pretty clear idea of where to go from here, and I think we're on track for a v1.0 release this year. There are some exciting things going on behind the scenes and I'm looking forward to more development with MC Altair.

At the same time I'm obviously still thinking about MC Classic. I have previously indicated that I would get back to work on it later this year, and I haven't changed my mind, but at the same time there have been some developments that could impact this plan. I'll have more to say about MC Classic later.

In the meantime I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone who uses the new color features in MC Altair.


  1. Nice work there!

    I've just tried your video flash player for website and it work great!

    I would love to add 2 things :
    - the mute option on Autoplay (because I suppose some people are like me and they don't like to have sound coming from nowwhere without warning). So it would be great to have the volume selected on mute by default and people can choose to put it on.
    - second option, the control panel should have the ability to be hidden on "Autostart" and when the mouse comes over, it would appear.

    Thanks for your great job.

  2. Is there any way to add wmode=transparent?

  3. Is there a way the classic or altair to play a list of videos without actually showing the list to the user?

  4. Been looking around the web for a flv player for my web site. I've tried loads, with various gimmicks that are supposedly free until you need the "full" version - or with instructions you need a PhD to understand.

    So after so long hunting I was amazed to find how brilliant McAltair is. By far the best - easy to install, easy to configure - does exactly what I need it to do, and all for free. I wish this rated more in Google, would have saved me a lot of pain if I'd found it weeks agao. A big thanks to the developers.

  5. Hi Dave,
    After spending the best part of a day trying to install video players that were either uncustomizable or had huge watermarks i found the great Altair! Thanks for this great player, it was so easy to customize & install!
    I've installed it at
    At the moment it is loading the whole video before it starts playing, on my computer it takes about 20 sec but with slow Australian internet it is taking 2 minutes+. Is there a way to start it playing before the whole video is loaded?
    The second question-is it possible to disable the fullscreen?

    Thanks again,

  6. It's now 4 days all day long that I'm looking for a REAL, PURE, flash video player, and I only find crap.

    Thank you so much, I finally found yours :D No stupid javascript required (can be used with embed tags) not a 500KB swf file... just in the KISS spirit I was looking for :D

    I just have 2 suggestions :
    - it would be very nice to allow the progress bar to be clicked anywhere, instead of having to drag the circle.
    - having a "cpScrubberWidth" argument to make the bar larger if needed.


  7. PS: also, we could click the video itself to pause it :)

    Thanks again, I've decided to stop using youtube, and I'm gonna use only your player on my website :D

  8. Thanks for the latest comments.

    To Melanie: I don't think I quite got round to finishing the option to completely disable fullscreen mode, however you could move the fullscreen button off the edge of the player, therefore hiding it. It's the cpFullscreenBtnPosition variable - see

    As for the loading issue, I think that's probably due to the way the file is encoded. Try using a different encoder and see if that helps. if it still doesn't work, let me know.