Thursday, 14 August 2008

Setup Tool Upgrade

MC Altair v0.7 seems to be going fine. I've seen it on a few websites and it certainly looks a lot better at smaller sizes. I still need to work on how the player adapts to different sizes but at least there's no more distortion in the interface and it always looks tidy.

I've released a new version of the MC Altair setup tool. This doesn't affect the player itself and there are no new features as such, although I have also released a non-essential maintenance upgrade for MC Altair (v0.71).

- The setup tool now correctly shows default values for any player size. Edited values are shown in red.
- Many of the buttons have been moved to the new menu. Most importantly, the "Get Code" button can now be found in "Code > Export to Website".
- There is a new "Make Player" wizard that automatically imports a video file and creates a player with the correct dimensions (assuming the video file includes valid metadata - I don't yet have a workaround if it doesn't).
- I've added some more context-sensitive help.


  1. Hey, I'd just like to say I just discovered your flash video setup player a few minutes ago, and this is exactly what I've been looking for! The setup page you have is nothing short of amazing. It's simple to use, and easy to figure out. Keep up the awesome work!


  2. Thanks very much Isaac. I'm still busy working on the setup tool - color schemes are next on the list. I had a quick look at your site and it looks very nice - well done and good luck with it.

  3. I just found your player, its great for me. I am not a programer and have hardly any code skills. but I was able to set-up the player with the colors that I wanted. That was great! Its easy to use with your settup tools. I can't wait to see one with a video list. You can see your work on my website