Tuesday, 21 October 2008

What's Going On

I went to an online marketing seminar this morning (thanks Peter, it was very good). Social networking was a big topic and I was yet again reminded of how poorly I'm performing in this space. I was also reminded of how much I don't like telling people my website URLs in real life because I'm a wee bit embarrassed by them. Frankly my sites sound better than they look and I'm sure some people are disappointed when they first see them. So I have several problems:

- My sites look they were designed in the 90s, although to be fair, most of them were designed in the 90s. Graphic design is a weak area for me and I'm too cheap to pay competent designers unless I'm absolutely forced to.
- I have too many projects and none of them are getting enough love. It breaks my heart but I'm going to have to let some of them go.
- I'm crap at keeping blogs up to date, replying to email and generally being social. To be honest I hate how social networking is "the thing" now! Life was a lot easier for me when I could make static HTML pages with text and images, that never dated and required minimal human interaction. My whole plan was supposed to be about passive income and I liked my lack of social networking, dammit. BTW the only reason I'm posting this entry is that some people from the seminar are going to look at my blog and I wanted them to find something more recent than August. I guess it's also an apology for the state of my sites :(

Anyway, here's the situation with my main projects right now:
dave.co.nz: My personal website is unlikely to get any attention at all except maybe this blog. As much as I'd love to sort out the rest of the site, for now I'll just call it retro. Please don't go there.
MediaCollege.com: I desperately need to work on this site. There's so much to say about what needs to be done I don't know where to start, so I won't.
MC Media Player: I've been working on a renewed plan with my brother and hopefully he'll be coming on board to help at some stage. More information to come soon.
Paranormal-Encyclopedia.com: I have a writer who provides 1 or 2 articles per week for this site. It's coming together well enough but it will be 12 months or so before it has the number of articles I want. I'll wait until then before re-evaluating the layout and design.
3DNewZealand.com: I don't know what to do with this site. The 3D images are important—3D is going to be big and I definitely want to have my finger in that pie. I just haven't got around to making a decent design yet. As for the maps, that's a long story that I'll get back to another day.
Space-Images.com: New site, on the back-burner with my other space-related projects.
Te Awamutu Online: Long overdue for a major revamp. I'm in discussions with interested parties right now. There should be some action before the end of the year.
Other sites: I have about 20 other websites but they are all pretty small and static. I can't be bothered talking about them.

As you can see there's plenty to do. I've been spending a lot of time over the last few weeks thinking about where all this is going. The seminar this morning and my recent meeting at the Business Development Centre were quite timely—they've given me food for thought. It's still all swirling around my head, hence this rambling blog entry, but I expect it all to come together shortly in a resounding convergence of inspiration and purpose. Then, finally, I will be unstoppable.

One last thing... I was convinced to get on Twitter at the seminar. I've been resisting for months because I just can't see myself doing well at it. I can't even keep my blog updated so how will I cope with micro-blogging? Oh well, we'll see. Maybe if you follow me it'll help my motivation ;)